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Save (Export) Private Messages
« on: January 13, 2019, 07:52:37 PM »
Suggested core feature:  Save (Export) Private Messages

What: Users select some (or all) of their Private Messages, and save them to another file that they could keep on their computer for posterity.

Benefit:  By cleaning out their PM inbox on the forum, users can avoid the problem of reaching their PM limit and having messages bounce.
At the same time it allows users to ensure that important information is retained.

Required functions:
- user can select some or all PMs (or conversations) easily.
- 'save marked PMs to file' button.  (Asks for destination and does so).
- file format needs to be one readily accessible, and searchable. eg .doc
   (and ideally include any photos in those PMs)
- option to bulk delete the selected PM's from forum, once saved to file.

A useful additional feature would for a choice of alternate formats (PDF, Word, CSV, html, RTF, txt)

I note that in the SMF1.0.x days this was available as a mod.  This was later 'unofficially' extended to earlier 2.0.x versions. however this no longer works with recent SMF 2.0.x iterations.

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