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Local forum
« on: March 28, 2019, 11:52:01 PM »
I'm starting to get an itch to start a new forum again (partly because my once active Archie Comics forum isn't seeing much activity anymore, due to various reasons).

In looking at potential options, I keep coming back to the idea of starting a forum for discussion of the city I live in (and surrounding areas of course). There are assorted Facebook groups, various fan forums for the local sports teams, local news sites, plus sections of and Trip Advisor, as well as Nextdoor, but no actual forum dedicated exclusively to everything related to the city.

Does anyone here have any experience with this sort of thing and advice on how to get started? I live in a big city so there's always something to talk about, but I have absolutely no idea where to start with this. I'd likely try recruiting people from Facebook and such to help as well (since I wouldn't be able to devote all my free time to it), but I need an actual plan and some ideas first.
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