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December 06, 2021, 08:15:07 AM


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Email to Admin on account reactivation after email change

Started by GL700Wing, September 23, 2019, 09:37:09 PM

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By default, and if the option 'Require reactivation after email change' is enabled, the email message that is sent to admins when a member reactivates their account is the same as for when a new member joins which can be a bit confusing ...

The following tip adds the option of notifying admins when an account is reactivated and sends a different email message if the option is enabled.

In ./Sources/Register.php
SELECT id_member, validation_code, member_name, real_name, email_address, is_activated, passwd, lngfile
Replace With:
SELECT id_member, validation_code, member_name, real_name, email_address, is_activated, passwd, lngfile, last_login

adminNotify('activation', $row['id_member'], $row['member_name']);
Replace With:
if (empty($row['last_login']))
adminNotify('activation', $row['id_member'], $row['member_name']);
elseif (isset($modSettings['notify_admin_onReactivation']) && !empty($modSettings['notify_admin_onReactivation']))
adminNotify('reactivate', $row['id_member'], $row['member_name']);

In ./Sources/Subs-Post.php
$emailtype .= '_approval';

Add After:

if ($type == 'reactivate')
$emailtype .= '_reactivate';

In ./Themes/default/languages/EmailTemplates.english.php


Add After:
'admin_notify_reactivate' => array(
@additional_params: admin_notify
'subject' => 'A member has reactivated their account',
'body' => 'The member {USERNAME} has reactivated their account after changing their email address. Click the link below to view their profile.


In ./Themes/default/languages/ManageSettings.english.php
$txt['send_validation_onChange'] = 'Require reactivation after email change';
Add After:
$txt['notify_admin_onReactivation'] = 'Notify admin on reactivation after email change';

In ./Sources/ManageSettings.php
array('check', 'send_validation_onChange'),
Add After:
array('check', 'notify_admin_onReactivation'),
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thank you :) hadn't run into this yet but now I don't have to worry about it :D