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Only registered members are listed in Who's Online section

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Step by step I am solving some issues in my forum after migrate it to another hosting. Now the problem I have seen is that only registered members are listed in Who's Online section, none visitors are counted nor spiders like before.

Any help will be wellcome because I'm lost on this.

Did you select “guests” or “everyone” in the drop down?

Hi Arantor.
Sorry but I'm not sure if I understand you, where I have to choose if show guests or everyone?
You can see in the screeshots I attached, the data in the information center it is not true.

Oh, I thought you meant on the Who's Online page itself, where you get a dropdown to select whether it shows everyone, guests or registered members.

Well, I just tried to go to your forum, and I get immediately redirected to another website. I suspect you have a very dodgy ad, or you've been hacked. Either way, guests appear to be sent somewhere else that isn't your site.

Avast doesn't like your URL either.


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