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New member/user moderation

Started by vbueschken, January 13, 2020, 09:58:34 AM

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I have set the Method of registration employed for new members to "Admin Approval".
As expected I get an email with the notification of a new registration and the required links to approve the new user.

If a 2nd Admin loggs into the system, I would expect, that he can see the new Registration Request  in the 'Moderation Center' or somewhere else in the Admin Screen, but I couldnt find any information that a new user is waiting for approval.

Is this a bug or what is the normal process to notify an admin within the application (not only by email)



in the forum header it will show to the admin the number of users waiting approval. this contains a link to the approval page in the admin panel where the user(s) can be approved.


uups ... sorry

Based on the theme I use, the link was in a 'light green' .... easy to miss...

Thanks for your help and fast response