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Started by live627, February 13, 2020, 11:17:44 AM

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Stack Trace 1.0

Show the backtrace in the error log


In simple terms, a stack trace is a list of the method calls that the application was in the middle of when an error was encountered.

Tracing the call stack is important for complex codebases such as SMF because doing so helps software engineers and other developers find bugs in the program. Because of the nature of modern code syntax, and the complexity of the average project, looking for bugs can be very difficult. A stack trace is just one of many tools that can be useful in finding bugs or glitches.

This mod works by calling debug_backtrace() from log_error to ask PHP to trace the call stack. The results are then serialized into a database field for viewing by the admin when the error log is opened.


Great mod for SMF 2.0.x! Must install if you have a large site and what to trace issues that may occur.
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A great job indeed and very useful to find problems in large places, as is happening right now in website I am collaborating.

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Yep - looks very neat.  Also good for those that missed the download of Arantor's "stack trace" mod.


Ah yes, I tried his out years ago, but it would skip frames sometimes.