YaBB 2.3.1 Forum - Help /Tips for possible Conversion needed

Started by GT-Eins, May 08, 2020, 08:55:32 AM

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I´m Webmaster/owner of an old but very frequented YaBB 2.3.1 Forum which has been running since 13 years now
After a server-update of my hoster this forum stopped working now. several attempts to put it back to life failed meanwhile - so I decided to unsettle the dead horse and look for a new one.

After a short reasearch I have 3 Questions:

  • it seems to me that the existing converters for YaBB =>SMF just support a YaBB 2.2=SMF 1.8 - is this correct ?
  • Is there a chance to convert directly to a SMF 2.0.X-Forum?
  • Is there a chance to find an eperienced specialist who has done a conversion before and can do this for me for a reasonable donation?
  • Is it necessary to have the old forum in a running form or does the converter just need the data-files (for categories/Threads/Users)

The forum has about 1100 users (deleted many inactive Users before) and about 200-300.000 postings in about 50.000 Threads


I would suggest going to latest SMF 1.1.x upgrade convertor to that then go to 2.0. You should be on PHP 5.4 then upgrade to SMF 2.0.13 then upgrade PHP 5.6 then go to SMF 2.0.17
Been a long time since I seen a YaBB forum.

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