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CSS solution: child boards in columns on default markup.

Started by Antechinus, June 14, 2020, 10:34:33 AM

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Aha. Just found another bug with my nifty dark theme. Hr's inside quotes. I'll sort that. :D

Anyway, re BBC and group colours on this site, I've refined it to this now:

span[style="color: beige;"], span[style="color: limegreen;"], span[style="color: orange;"], span[style="color: pink;"], span[style="color: red;"], span[style="color: white;"], span[style="color: yellow;"] {filter:brightness(.8);}
span[style="color: maroon;"], span[style="color: purple;"] {filter:brightness(1.4);}
span[style="color: navy;"], a[style*="#001198"], a[style*="#512801"] {filter:brightness(2);}
span[style="color: black;"], a[style*="#000000"] {filter:invert(.4);}

That covers everything pretty well, although the blues are always going to be crud on a dark theme unless you turn them into something completely different. Blue text on a dark theme just doesn't work. :P