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Unsubscribing from announcements.

Started by KittyGalore, July 14, 2020, 02:05:10 PM

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I have an issue when if i announce a topic and it generates new topics announcements by email. When i go to unsubscribe or subscribe it will tell me on this screen a email from another member on my forum and not from my actual email. I tested this on my test forum and i don't have this issue so i think it's related to a mod or a mod i once had installed. I tried unsubscribing from topics and that seems to be fine. No errors in the error log.

Here is the screen with the email that isn't mine but some other members. Also if i announce another topic it will change to another members email and so on. A different email is used each time.

SMF V 2.017
Mods installed.

SMF Curve 2.0x


No one has responded so i tried investigating again just now and what i found was a token in the link of the unsubscribe link in the email so i knew then of a setting for token based links so i unchecked it and it seems to solve the issue i was having at the moment.

SMF Curve 2.0x