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Integrating Two Unique SM Forums

Started by rharbin, July 23, 2020, 10:04:00 AM

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I believe I'm your newest SMF member.  I recently acquired a website that has a SMF forum.  With the help of a webmaster, we have made a number of upgrades to the site.  Unfortunately, the site's Forum has not had much activity (last post was 3 years ago), there are only a total of about 20 posts, and there are only about 5 or 6 registered users.  Fortunately, there is another similar website that has a very similar SMF forum with a good amount of activity an it would make a lot of sense to move our posts to their website Forum. 

The question is - can this be done and what is the easiest way to go about doing this?

I've done some searching on the SMF site (Online Manual, FAQs, etc.) and don't see anything obvious.  I've also done some searches and also don't see anything obvious 

If anyone can lead me to some existing advice, I'd greatly appreciate that.

Thanks much in advance, Ron


yes it is possible.....however the problem would come from the user id's and post id's, ect.....

as they would be duplicates....obviously the larger forum would already have a user with the id 1 or 2 or even 20.... and the same with the messages ids

so then you would need to make sure to change (and make sure that all changes match across all tables) the ids of things in the smaller forum to unused ids in the larger forum.

sorry I can not much help in this aspect....wouldn't even really know where to begin on what all needs changed to make sure everything stays assigned to the correct people

but the answer to your question is that yes it is possible, but it won't really be a simple or easy task


If you're talking 20 posts and 5-6 people, copy and paste the posts and either ask the 6 people to sign up on the other site or create their accounts in admin.

Any automatic effort beyond that is simply not worth the time of doing it manually.


there is an importer (not official, but it works, mostly)

However, as Arantor says, for the work, it'd be cleaner and easier just to do it manually for the number of posts and users.

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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There is this mod:

This allows multiple independent boards on the same system, however it's not been updated in awhile, it works with 2.0.15, but 2.0.17 requires some changes to get to work, prettyurls/aliasboards also need updated compatibility, although minor.


The mergeSMF script has been updated recently & tested on 2.0.17:

The starting assumption is that you are comfortable with working with databases, etc.  And can test in a test environment first.  I would not attempt it if you cannot build a test environment to try it out.
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