Re: Changing Privacy Policy title and populating text on registration page

Started by RGMears, July 25, 2020, 08:34:13 AM

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I just tried adding a Privacy Policy. Typed the text, clicked Save.
When I logout and visit the Registration page it says "A privacy policy has not been created for this forum." Mention of the Privacy Policy was not there previously.
I cleared the cache and got the same result.
As well, when I go to the Privacy Policy page in the Admin section the language which shows is French. This forum is in English. I changed the language to English but it still defaults back to French when I revisit the Privacy page. Meanwhile on the Registration Agreement page the language is default (which is English).
I'm using 2.0.17.


I changed the board's default language from english to english-utf8 and changes to the Privacy Policy display now.
However, the security number for "advanced contact form" does not display when english-utf8 is selected. It does when the language is switched back to just english.


please do not jump into other people's support topics with your own issues (especially topics already marked as solved.)

copy your modifications.english.php to modifications.english-utf8.php

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Apologies for not starting my own Topic Kindred. And thank you for the reply.
I did as you suggested and the problem remains.
When english UTF8 is selected the Privacy Policy displays but the image for the numbers on the Advanced Contact Form does not.
When english ISO is selected the numbers image displays on the contact form but Privacy Policy does not.
I also thought that the language files not being current might be part of the problem but I've gone through them and updated them to no avail.