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Font Awesome space problem

Started by Sectomy, August 01, 2020, 07:11:36 AM

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i have a little problem with one Font Awesome "position" in my Menue....and im totally helpless where, or why.
so in attachment you see the Like Button is not align with the others. heres the Code of , maybe anyone can give me a quick solution :)

if(LikePosts::$LikePostsUtils->showLikeNotification()) {
echo '
<li><span class="showLikeNotification" onclick="lpObj.likePostsNotification.showLikeNotification()">' . fontawesome('far fa-thumbs-up') . ' ', $txt['like_show_notifications'], '</span></li>';


nevermind, putted in a &nbsp; and its good.... lol.
so simple :)