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Started by SychO, October 01, 2020, 10:29:46 AM

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Hallo - we have installed the theme as we moved to 2.1.4 and used before your sunrise theme under 2.0.19.

But I have now a few questions:
on mobile view - our forum logo is not visible - can this be changed so it is visible?
Possible to remove the wave background (top & bottom) image and have instead a straight line?
in the post reply the font color of all buttons above the smiley are grey as well - how to correct this?


Quote from: Diego Andrés on June 28, 2023, 02:14:49 PMDoesn't look like it's happening any time soon, Oldie is still using this I believe so you might encounter very little issues.
You could post the issues you're having and others could have a look and let you know how to potentially fix it?

I have a test forum and trying the potato theme with 2.1.4 makes it impossible to post new threads while using that theme. Quick reply still works.

Looking at the update notifications, it does say that there are some tests that fail. I believe the most important are perhaps a couple of places in post template. It's probably not too much work for author or someone else to fix, but it's currently beyond my own knowledge.