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Is There A Way to Convert Just The Attachments?

Started by justinbowser, October 09, 2020, 01:55:09 AM

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After a third try, and running some of the admin tools, I have a partially successful conversion.  Most of the boards are there, threads and posts I've looked at seem OK, users are in the list, old PM are there, but no attachments.  This last attempt the database created a table with 11000 some odd rows and did not continue to grow like the 24 hour attempt but the number of files in the new attachments directory kept growing past this number so I killed it.

Is there a way to just re-convert the attachments or re-index what's there?

Oh, have not ran the 2X large upgrade yet as I wanted to try to get things working first.


It appears that 400 attachments made it into the forum according to what I see in the "Attachments and Avatars" part of the admin tools.  Looking at converted posts it also looks like everybody's avatars made it across.

What do I need to do?