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3 days trying to import existing bbpress into new smf, about to explode.

Started by Xcalibur.uy, October 12, 2020, 04:27:40 PM

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I've been trying several stuff, i got the convert.php and .sql files, called convert.php from browser and nothing hapened, then I tried several convert.php versions until finally cot it working.
It asks new and old forum location, I mark them, put translation and execute and..... blank page, no matter what I do, I got always a blank page.

Don't know what to do next.... I'm about to kill something. (hope computer can run faster than I)


Ok, if this is the kind of support I'm going to get, I'm really happy this software didn't work from the begining.

Anyone around can close this then, never seen anything more useless.