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Question On Visits & People Online

Started by HoratioCaine, October 22, 2020, 10:10:31 AM

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Does Most Online 18 Today mean a total of 18 on my forum today or total of 18 at the same time?

How does this differ from my host stats.

Same day SMF tells me Most Online as 18 , my Host gives a record of 200 Visits and 4000 Unique Visitors for the month.

How can I have Most Online as 18 and average of about 8 Most online in a day through the month and have the web host tell me 4000 unique Visitors in the month?

My Forum is dedicated to news, so I know many guests may not register as members,  they just come to read news sent to them via links.


18 were connected within the same time period....

note, it's not exact since there may be someone who technically disconnected but the session is still open until it times out.

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