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October 25, 2021, 07:11:04 AM


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Migrate Email to API over Auth?

Started by tjbalon, January 19, 2021, 08:26:32 AM

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I use an email host that is migrating to using an API over Auth (usr/pw),  I saw this mod here (ElasticEMail for SMF):

I am moreso looking for what files I would need to alter in this case to change from auth to API, I assume similar to what that mod alters. For anyone wondering, I use sendgrid. I may in the future consider moving to ElasticEmail however, seeing it has 150,000 free per month...

I believe everything I will need will be found in:
$sourcedir / Subs-Post, ManageMail

Wanted to ask before altering, as while I can make quite a few changes to SMF comfortably, I do sometimes get lost figuring out which files alter what (if there's a resource on this somewhere someone can link that would be awesome, always get confused what Subs-Post, Post, Display, etc are when looking in Sources and default templates). Not sure if this is the right area to ask, as it technically is more modification(?), but not specifically writing a mod... just trying to ensure continuity of email support on our website as we send roughly 500-1,000 per day and they are shutting auth in favor of API very soon.

Thanks :)


Wanted to bump this, hopefully, someone has a direction or advice.

Thanks  8)


Hello there.

You can see what the specific mod changes here:

Not sure if that's what you asked for though?
I'm unaware about ElasticEmail or similar services though.