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November 27, 2021, 07:31:52 AM


SMF 2.1 RC4 has been released! Try it out and help us test! :) Read more.


Started by IsacImages, April 10, 2021, 01:01:06 AM

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I'm a newbie here and I have installed the free hosting version for SMF software on hxxp:createaforum.com [nonactive] to have a play and see how it performs. Happy so far (just a few days). I am an administrator on a photography forum and looking to replace the vBulletin 5 software. In Photography we need our members to see EXIF data and vBulletin don't allow this. I inherited the admin job because our regular admin passed away, so I am flying blind. SMF looks to be OK for us and I have a couple of questions.
1. When posts are made that show an uploaded image, how can we limit the size of the image OR have it resized if it is outside of those limits. We would like the maximum dimensions in pixels to be 1200 on the longest side and no more than 400kb in size.
2. What type of storage system is used for posts (including images)? Is it a MySQL database or other type of database OR stored in a folder on the server? How much storage of data/images is allowed in the free hosted version?
3. If the database is MySQL, can it be transferred to SMF from vBulletin 5 or converted somehow to suit SMF?
4. Can you provide links to forums that have been using SMF for a period of time, so we can view them?

Many thanks for those responding, it's very much appreciated.


while createaforum runs smf and offers their users to run an smf forum on their servers, they are not affiliated with this site so any technical questions regarding createaforum needs to be asked on their site as we have no control over anything there.

now for the rest of your questions, to answer this would depend on which version of smf you will be using, you posted in the 2.1 support forum so I'm going to assume that that is what you will use, however I do not suggest that as 2.1 is still in rc version and not finalized, it's not recommended to run it on a live site (only for testing purposes) you should use smf version 2.0.18 as it is the stable version....so your answers will be in 2 parts

for the images sizing
2,1 in your admin under forum then under posts and topics go to post settings
Max display width of posted or attached images
(0 for no limit)
Max display height of posted or attached images
(0 for no limit)
2.0 in your admin under configuration then under features and options go to layout
Max width of posted pictures (0 = disable)
Max height of posted pictures (0 = disable)

there are also mods that can be installed to help resize images based on screen size (keep in mind that since 2.1 is not finalized there are limited mods for it)

yes msql is used, posts are stored in the database, uploaded files are stored in the attachments folder
we can't answer how much storage is allowed as we have no control over createaforum (you'll need to ask them)

for converting from vb to smf  https://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?board=134.0

as for links to other forums, well this here is running smf 2.0.18 but you can check out others by looking at the showcase board: https://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?board=6.0


You're a legend! Thank you so much for the detailed response, it is very much appreciated.
PS: I installed 2.0.18 on the CreatAForum site to test it out - so far so good!
Cheers, Greg