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Moving and Ugradading large 1.5 Joomla site with SMF 1.120

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I have a large 25 GIG Joomla site running 1.5 with a large 1.120 smf Forums..   I need to move this off a dedicated server to a cheaper cloud.  I have upgrade many 1.5 joomla sites using daycounts program with ease..  I am just a little confused on the path I should take to get both these updated and moved to a new cloud server..  I know I will need a new Template for the joomla and the SMF Since I'm running an old one for both..

Should I  create a back up on my  dedicated server?  then move it over..  I don't think my server has the ability to run the proper PHP Version.

Just looking for the proper path I should take or how you guys would proceed with this..

Thank You!


Sir Osis of Liver:
Make a local backup of all forum files and your database.  Upload files to new server, create database and import db dump, run repair_settings.php to set db credentials, then again to fix paths.  Usually a good idea to get forum up and running in 1.1, then upgrade to 2.0.18, but you'll need older php version.  IIRC, it will run in 5.6 but log a lot of errors.  Upload 2.0.18 large upgrade package, run upgrade.php to upgrade db.  1.1 mods and themes will not work in 2.0, you'll need to find current versions.

At what point would I upgrade the Joomla ..  First?

 Akeeba back up the old site.. that will grab the forums folder and data base.

... rebuild /  Upgrade the joomla on the new server with DaysCounts in one data base without the forums.  Then Bring the forums data base over and do what you said?   I'm not sure you can get 5... PHP

Be careful, I'm not certain there is a stable bridge for smf 2.0.x and joomla


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