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Development Update

Started by shawnb61, November 29, 2022, 11:46:32 PM

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Hello everyone,

SMF 2.1.3 was a significant release, with plenty of enhancements & fixes.  For 2.1.4, the priorities remain usability, fixes, and keeping current with MySQL/Postgresql/PHP.  Those interested in following the progress of 2.1.4, our fledgling next release, may do so up on GitHub:

There has been so much going on, with so little fanfare, that it is important to stop, take a breath, and assess where we are at.  SMF has undergone a significant transformation over the last year or so:
  • The release of 2.1
  • The rollout of a whole new customization site, with a cleaner user interface, easier sorting & filtering, and many critical new features such as direct GitHub integration and tagging
  • Conversion to a new platform for our translators, CrowdIn, with significantly improved usability and flexibility
  • Behind the scenes, even a hardware refresh for this site

Think about it: Almost every area of the SMF platform has been transformed, upgraded, replaced.

As always, we would like to thank all contributors who help out every day on the SMF project!  SMF is truly community driven.

Further, we would like to thank all the admins & users of SMF out there.  Thank you for your continued support!
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Jeff Lewis

This update is great! :)
Co-Founder of SMF


This past year has been great for SMF.. The future is looking pretty great too :).


Thanks for the update!

Pretty much appreciated as always :)
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[offtopic] @d3vcho ! Glad to see you're still around.  ;D [/offtopic]
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Well, many new users don't think it's much, but now you mention it... I feel like I've been around for 10 years and apart from feeling old... you can see all the changes along with all the work done. I hope I can meet another 10 years and be able to be with :-X SMF 3.x ::)
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Quote from: Steve on December 02, 2022, 08:43:11 AM[offtopic] @d3vcho ! Glad to see you're still around.  ;D [/offtopic]

I never left, I just turned gray :p
"Greeting Death as an old friend, they departed this life as equals"