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Started by SoftAid, May 15, 2021, 05:16:34 PM

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Hello all,

I first want to say I put the same question on the Dutch part of the forum, because is is a coplicated question, and my English is not perfect.
I used Google Translate now, and corrected what I thought was wrong.

Our Forum runs on SMF 2.0.18 and is hosted on (hosting company).

For some time now I have had a problem with mails that are sent from the SMF-software of the forum to me as an administrator.
For example with a topic where I have "Notification on" sends a message, or a "Report this to an administrator" message, or even there are PM's that are waiting for me.

Those messages, where are they sent to from SMF files?
In the Administration screen, Server settings, "Email address Webmaster" is my own private mail address.

What is happening on the moment (ans since 2 or 3 months) is very complex.
My private mail [] is on the provider

Every message that comes in from our forum software to my webmail in Telenet (from where it must be forwarded to my client-mail program) is mentioned under Sender "From:": [], and as recipient "To: ":
Thus, this data is completely reversed. That's just a fact. It doesn't hurt.

But I had both Combell and Telenet look for this, but both point to each other as the culprit.

Moreover, these e-mails (in the webmail of Telenet) end up in the Spambox, and are therefore not forwarded (read) by my private e-mail-client.

In order to continue with both parties, I would like to know where/what exactly is chosen in the SMF code when a Mail-action happens to a moderator/ administrator.

In the Administration screen, Server settings, "Email address Webmaster" I see my personal email address. Is this normal.
I have already changed this to an alias of our webmail from Combell, " " (whio refers to my private mail as a destination), but if I then test with a normal account, no messages is sent at all from SMF.

A whole soup, and it still needs to be drunk hot :-)

Anyone who recognizes something in this?

Thank you very much for reading, and hopefully hear from you ....
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