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Cannot find location for word "Actions"

Started by skullmonkey, August 10, 2021, 06:08:01 AM

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what is the location for the word "Actions" that is inside a topic where you can Quote the post?


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which version of smf is this?
what theme is this?
you should probably ask in the theme's support thread

that said check in your theme's folder there should be a language folder, somewhere in one of those files should be the string


Sorry I didnt mentioned the theme and version, thought its same for all of them.

The theme is Morning, and SMF version is 2.0.18.
The files that I was searching in for this string are in /default theme folder. There are two files in the Morning theme language folder thou. Should I just make translation copy for those files? Aren't all translations global?

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No some themes use custom strings

You should ask in the theme's support topic

but looking at this theme it seems that the customization team missed that this is hardcoded into the template file

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