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Member auto suggest limit

Started by asmith, September 13, 2021, 01:48:37 PM

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File Subs-Editor.php
function AutoSuggest_Search_Member()

// Find the member.
$request = $smcFunc['db_query']('', '
SELECT id_member, real_name
FROM {db_prefix}members
WHERE {raw:real_name} LIKE {string:search}' . (!empty($context['search_param']['buddies']) ? '
AND id_member IN ({array_int:buddy_list})' : '') . '
AND is_activated IN (1, 11)
LIMIT ' . ($smcFunc['strlen']($_REQUEST['search']) <= 2 ? '100' : '800'),
'real_name' => $smcFunc['db_case_sensitive'] ? 'LOWER(real_name)' : 'real_name',
'buddy_list' => $user_info['buddies'],
'search' => $_REQUEST['search'],

The limit values is 100 for search keywords less than 3 and 800 for more.
It's been like that in SMF 2.0 as well.

It is for an autosuggest field and 10-20 results would suffice. What's the reason for such high numbers?


Is it actually problematic for you to have the numbers like that?

It's mostly targeted at *large* sites, like this one, where even 100 might not be enough to actually find the results you want.


I don't have a forum as big as this one so I don't know. On my own forums, I've never had any problems.

I was just curious about those numbers. The number 800 just looks random and awfully high :)


It's not been a problem even on this forum to have it that large... and the numbers have been set in place for about 14 years at this point...