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[Pro Tip]: Add Icons to Reply, Mark Unread, Recieve Alert, etc buttons

Started by Mick., December 24, 2021, 09:16:06 AM

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2.1 has a gazillion icons everywhere but they forgot to add nifty icons to Post buttons. The other day I saw a website that had a "Plus" icon next to their Reply button. I thought it was nice so I decided to add my own.

In this case, it's very simple. If you already use FontAwesome...

Open index.english.php and find:
$txt['reply'] = 'Reply';
Let's add the icon with color. Replace with:
$txt['reply'] = '<span style="color: #fa5f66;"><i class="fas fa-plus"></i></span> Reply';
Change the hex color #fa5f66; to suit your theme and if you want, do the same to the other buttons.

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