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Memcached in php 8 SMF 2.0.19?

Started by spiros, January 17, 2022, 09:50:45 AM

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I have recently updated to php 8 and I have installed Memcached 1.5.16 but when I go to Server settings I see: SMF has not been able to detect a compatible accelerator on your server.


memcache or memcached? The two are not equivalent (two different PHP extensions) and I don't think the newer one is supported by 2.0.


I had tested with memcached

memcached -h
memcached 1.5.16

SMF mentions in Server settings (erroneously?):

QuoteSMF supports caching through the use of accelerators. The currently supported accelerators include:
Turck MMCache
Zend Platform/Performance Suite (Not Zend Optimizer)

I can see Memcache 8 being compatible with php 8:
Quote- Version 8.x support PHP 8.x
- Version 4.x supports PHP 7.0-7.4.

And Memcached also:


And that's exactly the problem. Both client packages (memcache, memcached) call the same server package, also called memcached!

Observe the difference between and

2.0 only supports the former if I remember correctly, but I think you're using the latter.


So I should uninstall the other one or they can coexist? I wonder if anyone has it working on php 8.


You can try installing the other, it might work. They should be able to coexist in theory but honestly... this nonsense is partly why I jumped to Redis a while ago so I didn't have to deal with this nonsense.


Lol, yes, I remember you mentioning Redis in another one of my questions. Sadly there is no implementation for that for SMF.


Well, I did something pretty close to usable for 2.1, but there is a 2.0 mod -



@spiros Just give me a few more days and I'll release my redis cache addon.
Because of the help of @Arantor I will provide it to the SMF community, we use redis in a large cluster for all of our applications, so we were in need of redis for SMF too  :) .