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SMF 2.1.0 Released

Started by Sesquipedalian, February 09, 2022, 12:42:51 PM

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Quick question, is 2.0.19 the final, last ever release of the 2.0.x with any future releases only being 2.1.x versions?


No. 2.0.x will continue to receive security patches for some time. However, it will not be receiving any new features. Security patches only, and only as necessary.
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That said, I would expect to plan in a move to 2.1 at some point in the future. There will come a point that keeping 2.0 running on newer PHP will just get harder and harder to the point of "not worth the hassle", just as with 1.1.
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Congratulations! This is amazing. Thank you to everyone's hard work.  8)


Thank you and Congratulations everyone. This is great to see.


If you select php 7.0 while testing the 2.1.1 series, the packages are not installed


That issue is being addressed but as always, this is not the platform for support issues.
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Just installed 2.1 after not being an SMF user for a very long time. I just got back into forums again and figured I'd use this new software for my blog's forum.

I think the new version is really nice.

Good work!