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SMF 2.1 Nofollow external links (only external domains)

Started by gevv, February 26, 2022, 07:48:19 AM

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Simple method to Topics and signature add nofollow to other site links. 

1: Install Smarter Internal Links mod. Thanks @Sesquipedalian

2: Edit Sources/Subs.php

Change all rel="noopener"  to rel="nofollow ugc noopener"

Line: 1955, 1993, 2011, 2409, 2427, 2450

What is ugc? :

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Not: To add nofollow to profile website link Themes / default /  edit Display.template.php  line: 606 rel="noopener"  to rel="nofollow ugc noopener"

 edit Profile.template.php  line: 234 rel="noopener"  to rel="nofollow ugc noopener"
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@gevv Awesome work mate, very nice tip. Great for SEO on 2.1, defo recommend OP's suggestion. @Sesquipedalian my guy, any chance if it's ok with @gevv this can be incorporated with your Smarter Internal Links mod?  :laugh:

I didn't even know about ugc link tags. Thanks @gevv & @Sesquipedalian


Thank you, it worked. Don't know about SEO as the links are user generated content, but for sure spammers won't be that likely to post now.