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Types of boards

Started by Arantor, April 09, 2022, 09:31:34 AM

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Right now there are loosely three types of board in the system: standard, redirect, recycle.

What we should do is really restructure these so board types are a strict concept rather than an afterthought; there are certain actions that should never be happening that are currently possible - you can use quick moderation to move topics into a redirect board, for example, as well as in and out of the recycle board (which for reasons you really shouldn't)

I think this should be expanded to allow for board types to be defined, such that a board can indicate whether it can receive topics, how its content/stats should be displayed on the board index, and so on.

For example I'd have loved to have had this for SimpleDesk back in the day to create a 'helpdesk board'. I sort of implemented my own instead.

I'd also want to support a proper 'pseudo-category' style of board whose only existence is to be a container of other boards. Yes, you can sort of get there with a board that has no permissions but you still get the presentation of it being a regular board - I'd cut that. The only thing I'd show would be the list of sub-boards, none of the fluff.

To support this I'd revisit the admin area for boards such that instead of 'create board' then pick a type, I'd have it be a popup asking what kind of board I wanted to make - and I wouldn't let people change it after. I'd even use this for letting people add a recycle board (and autoconfiguring it to be the recycle board once added so you can't just randomly create multiple recycle boards), with 'do you want to enable recycling for newly deleted messages' be one of the config items for that board. (I've outlined before that I'd totally rethink deleted messages but that was apparently too wild. This is a refinement of what we currently have, not a rethink of entire concepts.)
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