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Anonymous Likes

Started by hottakes, June 28, 2022, 08:50:55 AM

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I'd like to have a setting that would make likes "anonymous".
That is: you could see the likes counter on a post, but you wouldn't see who liked that post.

I think this is especially useful for any controversial discussions, but also for discussions where you don't want to give importance to forum personalities and relations (good or bad) between forum members.

I was thinking of this as a global setting. But it would also make sense only for selected sub-forums.


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This gets my vote too. I think this will be very useful.


I like this idea. It's not a top priority, but I like it.
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So, and even though it's not a feature I think I'd use, I've been thinking about this ...

I think the most versatile solution would be to have this as a topic-based option so that it wouldn't matter which board a topic was posted in the topic would retain this setting even if it was moved to another board.

1. Should replies also have anonymous likes (ie, if the option is enabled for the first message in a topic should it also apply to the replies)?
2. Should the topic/reply author receive alerts for the likes?
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