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Started by iqbalresources, September 14, 2022, 06:07:13 AM

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I've been looking a way to let user put their social media account in profile. There's a few mods available, but unfortunately outdated. so i'm looking again, to see if there any simple code that i can use, and the closest one as per below

so i make a tiny adjustment on the code as shared in above thread, and luckily, able to do that. so here i share the code that i put in 'Show Enclosed Within Text (Optional)' box, in Features and Option>Profile Fields.

<a class="facebook" href="{INPUT}" target="_blank" title="Facebook - {INPUT}"><img src="{IMAGES_URL}/facebook.png" alt="Facebook - {INPUT}"></a>
<a class="instagram" href="{INPUT}" target="_blank" title="Instagram - {INPUT}"><img src="{IMAGES_URL}/instagram.png" alt="Instagram - {INPUT}"></a>
<a class="twitter" href="{INPUT}" target="_blank" title="Twitter - {INPUT}"><img src="{IMAGES_URL}/twitter.png" alt="Twitter - {INPUT}"></a>

and for the image, im put it in theme/images folder (same directory with skype.png)

thank you  :)

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I think social profile links should be https, not http



Shall I edit your first post to indicate that?
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