Multiple Attachment Problem - SMF 1.1 RC1

Started by krystal, November 28, 2005, 01:13:18 PM

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I've done some searching to see if anyone already posted about this but haven't found anything similar, so I hope it hasn't been asked before.

My forum is very new, has only been running a few weeks and we have around 20 members, the majority of which are actively posting. So far, things are going well with only a few hic-cups that have already been sorted out by searching for answers here at the support forum. :)

The problem I need help with is quite puzzling, as it seems to be affecting only one of the members at present.

These are my current attachment settings:

Max attachment size per post: 300 KB
Max size per attachment: 100 KB
Max number of attachments per post: 4

The member experiencing the problem is unable to include more than one attachment per post. I've checked with him that he is following the correct procedure and that the files don't exceed the limits I set, but no matter what he does he is only able to attach one jpg to each post he makes. :(

He doesn't receive any error messages and none are being created in the forum's log. He says that he has no problem browsing and adding the extra pics in the fields provided, but after he has posted it is only ever the first pic he has attached which appears on his post.

He is using IE 5.1.7 for Mac, if that helps give any clue about browser compatability.
Would really appreciate some help with this as it's becoming quite a frustrating situation. :-[


You can try and increase your attachment size and see if that works.The problem could be the size of attachment.If it is the same size as your allowed maximum then he would be allowed only one attachment.Also check the permissions and see if he is only allowed 1 attachment due to his membership ranking.Hope this helps.



Thanks for the fast response. :D

I hadn't considered it might be permission-related since I didn't think I was able to limit how many attachments each individual could post.

This member's group is based on post-count so there's nothing really that would prevent him from posting as many attachments per post as any of the other 'regular' members.  And the attachments he tried to upload all came well under the 100kb limit.
It was 3 jpgs at the following sizes: approx 65kb, 76kb, and 65kb.... 206kb in total, so easily within my specified limit.

Quote from: redone on November 28, 2005, 04:03:43 PM
Please supply a url.
Ok :) Here's a link to the actual topic where he first brought up the problem. Hope it sheds some light...

Guests can't view attachments posted on our forum, btw. Let me know if that's a problem for you.


The user with the problem has OS9. I read somewhere else on this forum that some versions of IE for Mac don't work as well with SMF as others. Sometimes codes and certain things on style sheets aren't supported. Could this also be affecting his ability to post multiple attachments?

He's a member of another forum which uses vBulletin 3.0.7 and has no problem posting multiple attachments on that one, so I assume there's a big difference between the scripts.

The irony of this is that this person is one of the most active contributors to my forum. He has been a member for 3 weeks and in that time has posted over 100 attachments! I can see how it must be quite restrictive for him needing to open a new reply window for every single photo he wants to attach, especially when many of them don't require a separate comment.

I was hoping I could offer him a solution other than telling him to get a new browser, but I'm no longer confident of that. :(


Please pm me with admin info and I will take a look.



An update, in case anyone else ever comes across this same problem in the future...

Increasing the attachment limits did not solve the problem for the user. I asked if he would be willing to try a different browser so we could cover all possibilities, so he downloaded Mozilla 1.2.1. :)

He tested the function again with Mozilla, and discovered he is now able to post as many attachments as he wants to as long as they fall within the limit. He's happy that it's working and has already been posting up a storm this morning. :P

Thanks, redone, for checking the forum settings were correct. :D