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Custom Message for Registration Disabled

Started by sam082000, March 30, 2023, 10:07:14 AM

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I am using SMF 2.0.14 and have disabled registration by going to Admin > Members > Registration and have disabled registration. I want a custom message to show up when users try to register. Based on earlier replies, I have edited this file by connecting via SSH to the server: Themes\default\languages\Errors.english.php;
and have changed this line:
$txt['registration_disabled'] = 'Sorry, registration is currently disabled.';
$txt['registration_disabled'] = 'Sorry, registration is currently disabled. Please email [email protected]';

However, the message is not showing up. Please help.



Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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