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Who is Online class for guests/ members

Started by Julius_2000, May 16, 2023, 10:02:07 AM

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During my theme modding I wanted to highlight members in the Who Is Online list. I noticed that SMF assigned a class "member" to it, but to my surprise to all entries, not actually discerning between guests and members as this class would suggest.

So I had a look at the code in Who.php and it says:
<span class="member', $member['is_hidden'] ? ' hidden' : '', '">

Which I adapted to:

<span class="', $member['is_guest'] ? 'guest' : 'member','', $member['is_hidden'] ? ' hidden' : '', '">

Would this little tweak be worthy of consideration for a future update? In my opinion it would make sense if there's a class "member" used at all.


it was merely used for styling...

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