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Mark ALL button text not changing

Started by Julius_2000, August 14, 2023, 09:11:05 AM

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Hi all,

I tried editing the text for the Mark All Messages as Read button in index.English.php for our custom theme but it wouldn't take effect somehow. Hard refreshing/ deleting cache didn't work.

In Bordindex.Template.php the actual item is called "template_button_strip($context['mark_read_button']" so I presume the txt variable might be used somewhere in this function. Can anyone point me to the file where this function is set up?

Or do I need to change the text inside the Default theme's language php rather than our custom one's?

Sir Osis of Liver

Try changing it in default.  index.English.php is not the correct filename.
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Yes, it's a typo. I meant index.english.php.


Hm, weird. I tried one more time and just copied the files from my custom theme over to the same theme on our test forum and there it works, the text gets changed. But still, on the public one, it simply won't change.

Edit 2
Ok, the custom theme is an identical copy of our "original" custom theme, just slightly altered stylistically. I changed the theme_info.xml description and id, gave the folder a new name and uploaded it to our other themes.
I gave it another shot and tried changing the index.english.php in our original custom theme as well and now the text is indeed changed accordingly in the new custom theme variant, too.
Is there a reason that it is doing that? Is there an interdependency that I accidentally created? But why isn't this happening on our test forum?


maybe it got caught up in php's opcache