[PAID] Seeking Developer for Custom Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway on Forum

Started by AristocraticAura, September 10, 2023, 10:48:17 PM

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Seeking a skilled developer capable of creating a bespoke payment gateway that accepts Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment options within a forum. This payment gateway will be used to purchase forum credits or unlock specific content using those credits. It's important to note that users can earn these credits by engaging with the forum, with a daily limit of 8 posts and 2 new topics for regular users. After 24 hours, they can post again if they have reached their daily limit.

I am open to compensating the developer in any cryptocurrency of their choice. If you are interested in taking on this project, please send me a direct message to discuss further details.

This content is concealed and can be revealed by users. By default, it requires 8 credits to unlock the content. To create concealed content, users need to utilize the following tag:

[hide] Your content [/hide]

And here is the choice available for users to upgrade their accounts, granting access to additional features.

This is a platform where users have the opportunity to purchase credits directly within a forum.