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AJAX Desktop Alerts

Started by MobileCS, September 29, 2023, 02:54:42 PM

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Do the users need to enable anything in their profile/notification settings to to receive AJAX desktop alerts?

I've enabled it in : Configuration > General > Allow AJAX desktop notifications for alerts

However, when testing receiving personal messages and @mentions, no desktop alerts are shown.


Neverminded, I misunderstood what it exactly does.


You have to have alerts enabled for those things in SMF.  And, of course, your browser must allow it -  Javascript & pop-ups must be enabled in your browser.

The SMF browser pop-ups only work while an SMF tab is open.  It needn't be active or in focus, but you need an SMF tab open for that forum somewhere.

Note that all the normal alert rules apply, including anti-spam, anti-dupes, etc.  E.g., it won't remind you of something you're already looking at...

The hardest part is not instinctively answering NO when your browser asks you if it is ok for SMF to be in your face...
Address the process rather than the outcome.  Then, the outcome becomes more likely.   - Fripp