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Setting up attachment viewing for specific users.

Started by User2, November 07, 2023, 04:54:19 AM

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I would like such an adjustment to appear in SMF.

When any user, except the administrator, puts an attachment on the forum, this attachment should be visible only to the author and the administrator.

When the administrator puts an attachment, the forum should give the administrator a choice: the attachment is visible to everyone, the attachment is visible only to the author of the topic and the administrator.

What is it for? Users sometimes attach files with personal information: in the file properties there is personal information (full name), in the text of the file there may be personal data: full name, addresses.

Now I just manually delete files, but often several views have already been done.


in short.... I don't see a wide use for this. Your use case is a very edge/rare case and, IMO, there are better ways to do this sort of thing without corrupting the attachment system.

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In other words, the chances of this happening are extremely unlikely. You could request a mod for it here:

Mod Requests
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Illori, what is "SimpleDesk"? What is the way to it?


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if you have post moderation enabled you can set it for attachments to require approval to be visible. then you set which groups can approve items waiting approval.