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Providing an FTP server for forum members?

Started by Melonking, January 01, 2024, 05:06:58 PM

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I would like to provide a simple shared FTP server to forum members that they can access using their SMF login details.

I'm not looking for per-member file storage on the FTP server, but rather I'd like all forum members to be able to access a single folder on the FTP server using their own account details.

Ideally, I'd like uploads to maintain a reference to the account name of the member who uploaded them (for moderation) and I'd like forum members to lose access to the FTP server if their account is deleted from SMF (in addition to updating their password etc if they change their password).

Is there a simple-ish way to do this? Hosting is not an issue since Im on a VPS, so any software can be run; my question is more about finding a clean and reliable software setup.


Not an easy task.
You would have to find ftp software that allows you to script/add accounts

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@vbgamer45  I was thinking about your post and maybe I have an idea - Im most proficient with Node.js scripting so something like this could be an option:

It allows you to check the login info submitted by a user; so I could hash the password in the same way the forum does, then check if the user name and hashed password match any entries in the SMF database. If it does I'll know it's a valid login.

That should I think satisfy all my requirements. If I get it working I'll post the script here, but would still welcome any alternative suggestions.