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Zoom incompatibility with Firefox?

Started by DEG 1935, March 22, 2024, 02:45:54 PM

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Back in town, & now have access to a desktop computer...  ::)

I see this behavior consistently across all SMF and non-SMF sites in FF:
 - There is a global Default Zoom found under Settings | General (pic 1).  This global default applies to all sites.
 - You can overwrite the current zoom by ctl +/- or with the mouse & mouse wheel.  When the current zoom matches the default zoom, the current zoom setting is not indicated on the URL bar (pic 2).  When the current zoom does not match the default zoom, the current zoom setting is indicated on the URL bar (pic 3).
 - FF automatically remembers the last zoom used for each domain & subdomain.  If you navigate away & come back, your last zoom for that site is recalled.  If you have multiple tabs open for the same site, they will all immediately reflect any updates to that site's zoom.
 - If you click on the zoom indicator on the URL bar, you reset to the global Default Zoom.  This will also update current site's zoom to the global Default Zoom.

As noted before, SMF does not override zoom behavior.  This is all browser behavior.

If confusing behavior is seen it's possible that (a) different subdomains are involved, e.g., on this site, if you go to the customization, download or wiki sites, an updated zoom is not reflected since they all use different subdomains, or (b) a custom theme may have issued a zoom directive.

If you're still seeing issues, I'd try clearing the site settings in FF (pic 4).  That clears all your saved zoom info for all sites.  Maybe there's an FF glitch there.

I've never used the global Default Zoom before, when I need zoom on a site I just zoom.  I could see where it might be handy to some.
Address the process rather than the outcome.  Then, the outcome becomes more likely.   - Fripp