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Choosing fields in the Profile

Started by sbartelski, April 11, 2024, 11:17:15 AM

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Is there a reason why the Display Name does appear in the list of Standard Profile Fields, so it can be included on the registration form? I think that this would be a logical field to include on the form but cannot. It does appear when the member updates their profile, but it would be better at registration time.
We have a custom field for to capture their real name, but I am trying to rationalize our data. Why have a custom field when there is already a standard field?

Stefan Bartelski
Webmaster for the Cadillac LaSalle Discussion forums


Well. If you are using display name as real name, then you have a non-standard configuration.

Most forum sites do not collect real names at all...

As for why display name is not asked for during registration -- because it defaults to the login name and only 50% of the users will change it... so, why complicate registration with more fields that won't be used by most users?

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Thnaks for the reply. The reason is our club wanted a real name, and so the previous webmaster/admin created a custom required field. But looking at the fields available, Display Name and Title, I was wondering why they could not be assigned to the Registration form. Not critical, but a 'nice-to-have'.
Stefan Bartelski
Webmaster for the Cadillac LaSalle Discussion forums