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SMF 1.1 Release Candidate 2 is available!

Started by Grudge, December 29, 2005, 04:53:27 AM

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Quote from: Kindred on June 18, 2006, 12:14:04 AM
first of all, the model you propose is unrealistic.

SMF is not really a company. The developers and support staff are not paid. So, your suggestions on the availablity of pay for more support than already exists (Charter membership) would pretty much require a paid staff and paid developers.  Unrealistic in the extreme.

And I disagree... the best products are ones that are stable, have support and meet a need in the marketplace (public or private). Having a product which is released prematurely to meet the demands of users is a sure road to the downfall of the product. Promising a release date is a sure way to get everyone in a tizzy "but you promised a release on such and such a date..." 
(just look at what has happened with The PhatCalPack. I have been working on it, but hit a snag and some real life issues...  I promised it back in February and then May...   and people are wondering why I haven't released it "on time".   The answer is, of course, I should have said "I'll release it when I am able".)

We have said, quite a number of times. The final release will come when it comes.   The SMF developers and team will not promise or predict a release date.

You are beating a dead horse. Get over it.

I am beating a dead horse ?  It must then smell awfully in here ;) Anyway, are you an official spokesman for Lewis Media, Inc to say a such thing or have such tight contact with those who decides, maybe Jeff ?  It's always good to know.

First of all, it´s not unrealistic, SMF have a business behind it self, or what do you call Lewis Media, Inc, a volunteer idea ?

Secondly I today checked that site and saw it have a Help Desk and aslo sells discussion forums, is it based on the code of SMF, it should be since they have the full license rights and nothing wrong then :)  But they shall also offer that payed Help Desk here also if it cover the same thing, money is good to give Jeff Lewis a better life and more time to develop.

This is also not a complete "open" or "free" project, read the licenses, its very strict and benefits very much Lewis Media, Inc and again I say the same, nothing wrong with that, I do understand the purpose with that, it's very smart for the future :)

And also, I has never seen any problems so far with ANY of my projects or any Internet opensource projects which offers CVS, roadmaps, have a wide userbase and some years on the neck that it has ever given them bad reputation or angry users since people knows what a opensource project is, it's in the most cases something people are maintaining on their available time they have left over.

I agree with you that stable products are the best ones, but you are talking against yourself when saying support is important at the same time you doesn't like Professional Support like helpdesks which companies can pay for to get an quick answer. Helpdesks are good for companies if they are in hurry, also if that brings in money to Lewis Media, Inc he can for sure hire someone who answers the phone or use a company which is selling such services cheap from ***** (doesnt say the country name, but you probably know where the good qualified workforce exists). But STILL this community shall co-exist to give the freebies a good window to ventilate their ideas and questions.

Jessica: I do like your comment you made, it was a very realistic comment which most doesnt understand about SMF bugs (and reporting them), and that this is not a "free" script package, just an "available" script source package with strict license. if it's bad or not is another story, depends on how this shall evolve :)
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yes, at this point you are beating a dead horse. (if English is not your first language, look up the idiom)

No, I do not speak specifically for Lewis Media.

Yes, SMF has a helpdesk for Charter members.

And no...  paid telephone or other support from whatever country will not work...  not unless SMF moves to a different business model which includes paid-for-only software... which SMF has promised never to do.

Once again... I say unto you:  The SMF Developers will not state a "release date". Igt will be done and released when it is done and released. Period.   
Give it up already, your arguments just don't hold water here...

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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