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Started by kaos1409, December 29, 2005, 06:53:13 PM

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I've started work on a Wordpress plugin for SMF that will function as follows:

When you try to login from Wordpress, the script checks your wordpress login, if the user isn't in the database, it checks the SMF database using smf_api, if the user authenticates from there, that user is created in the wordpress users table, logged in with wordpress cookies and SMF cookies and ready to go to either the wordpress blog or SMF.

Following that, I'll develop a plugin for the SMF-side of the equation that will work similar magic on the SMF side in terms of authenticating against wordpress if the user doesn't exist in the SMF table, creating the SMF user in the wordpress database, setting the wordpress cookies and and we should be good to go.

If anyone would like to help out, please let me know, I'm having some trouble getting smf_api.php to work properly in Wordpress, it seems after its included, if any of its functions are called, I get a blank Wordpress screen.

Download the *not yet working* plugin file for Wordpress at http://www.christaggart.com/smf-wordpress-integration/ [nofollow]


Well, I don't have the knowledge to help get this plugin working, but I just wanna say thanks for developing it, it's what wordpress-smf users are waiting for a long time. :)
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I wish I could help, but I don't know jack about all that coding stuff...

I can't wait for you to finisgsh it though....good luck!


Nice project. Personally, I'd like to see the SMF calendar displayed on the Wordpress blog  ;)


has this got any further? all it says when trying the code you have got and putting it into pluggable functions is that it comes back with there is no user found...

Is it because of the smf using sha1?? or is there another problem


Just wondering the status... many of us our looking for something like this.



Like the concept of this idea. Bridging the SMF forum and Wordpress blog would be awesome.
I really like both. I discontinued using wordpress just for not being able to figure out how to get them to play nice together. lol  ;D 8) ;)
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I am very interested in this also.


Lunabyte Systems has it for Enigma 2.



i was waiting for that for a long time wordpres and smf . they are the best. i will wait your plugin


Quote from: Luke on April 05, 2006, 11:02:21 PM
Lunabyte Systems has it for Enigma 2.


Enigma2 uses SMF <cough cough>

Screenshots of WP are available in our gallery.


^^Be worth using it if it had more then 2 modules for it.....its VERY lightweight. Get more support for it and it might be worth the use.


We're working on it.

It's either code the core, or code mods and modules.

With a little breather waiting on bug reports in the latest release, we'll see what we can come up with.

And, for the record, there' more than 2.

WordPress, Coppermine, Gallery2, Uploads, A handy button maker (nice for themes, saves a TON of time)...

Not to mention, all the stuff that's already standard.

Also, with the ability to add  blocks in html or php, as with pages...
There's plenty to play with to get started.



I see. Sorry, 5 extras. You are right, there are alot of standard otions there....

But, I also read that you dont support "RC" builds...ie. 1.1RC1/2. I cant use that now because there is no porter for IPB2.1 to SMF 1.07...soo on my personal speaking, I cant use Enigma2.

But yes, keep adding stuff, making more modules, support, and updating it to be better, and I can see it will be a great portal.


Yeah, it's tough to keep up with.

If it were through a bridge, then it would be different.
But, since the approch with this version is seamless integration,
we have to be careful with it.

Not to mention since it's a complete rewrite of the original Enigma (1.x),
we had to draw a line somewhere to start. Once the core is optimized, and
all the little kinks worked out, RC support for future SMF versions will most
likely be supported.

It is being worked on, though, for 2.1, but there isn't any timeframe set in
stone yet. It won't be 8 months from now, but it won't be tomorrow either.

As for mods, that's kind of a funny story really.

Being similar to any other project out there, dev's come and go.

As it is now, the dev team is basically the old mod team from 3 or 4 years ago, and as we all moved up, nobody's filled in the void.

Funny how things like that happen.

But, at least on a positive note, SMF mods still work, so there's still something at least.



are you still working on this bridge?
I realy like to see a forum bridge for wordpress, the only available i know is a bridge for vbuletin  :-[


Any news? I'd like to share only users.


A beta wordpress plugin has been released a few days ago. In the next days/weeks i will give it a try.
More info at hxxp:www.dmry.net/wordpress-smf-bridge-plugin-10-beta/ [nonactive]


Quote from: marcmesa on August 08, 2006, 08:26:11 PM
A beta wordpress plugin has been released a few days ago. In the next days/weeks i will give it a try.
More info at http://www.dmry.net/wordpress-smf-bridge-plugin-10-beta/

can anyone help me how to put this plugin in work? i have done all the things that are required but i dont know where to puth the command :


Thnx in advance


I'd like to scrap/convert my current comments system on wordpress with SMF.

I have wordpress installed and I have SMF installed. Wordpress has a few comments on a few posts.

Ideal Situation: Everytime I added a post to Wordpress, a new topic within a designated board is created. Everytime someone adds a comment to the wordpress post, a comment is shown on wordpress and is registered as a reply to the topic post. Also everytime someone responds in the forum, this is shown on the main wordpress site. All my current posts and comments would be automatically converted over.

Next best thing: The above but without current posts and comments being thrown over.

Is there anythout out there that could help with what I'm trying to achieve?