Author Topic: RC2 UTF-8 support status: is it here and what are the possible problems?  (Read 6431 times)

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Hi there, guys.

What are the known problems with UTF-8 in RC2? Does the core need additional hacking for full support?
Could anyone share his experience of switching to UTF-8 in multilingual environments?

I would also be greatefull if you can comment my steps:
  • Performed a clean RC2 install on my local box (MySQL 4.1.8, php 4.4.0 with mbstrings activated)
  • Changed ISO code to "UTF-8" in the lang. file
  • Manually changed collation of the database, tables, and columns in the MySQL database to "utf8_unicode_ci"
  • Edited [mbstrings] section of my php.ini, according to [nonactive]. Now it looks like:
       ; internal/script encoding.
       mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8
       ;Overloads a set of single byte functions by the mbstring counterparts.

At the first sight forum seems to be ok: strings are presented in UTF-8, not as html entities; database also stores strings in utf-8; subject line stores 40 latin chars and 40 cyrillic.
Are there any hidden pitfalls? What else should be checked?


The reason for the question is that I'm going to use G2 and it can work only in UTF-8 mode. Since both G2 and SMF will run embeded into Joomla, everything should have the same charset.

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