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[Theme] Starsoft (SMF 1.0.5)

Started by willow_ravenwind, January 13, 2006, 06:41:01 PM

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willow_ravenwind [nonactive]

the zip has the css, images and smiley set. I used the template info from Mystica's winterlight season theme with her permission.   ok and I think I got all of the images changed with the exception of the standard images such as yahoo, flash etc.

Thanks! C&C most welcome!  oh and the board in action is here [nonactive]

edit: changed the topic title


Starring Theme.. Nice one.. :)


Nice theme. :) It has a relaxing feel to it.
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nice job. the buttons/button text is extremely too small though.
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Looks nice, I like the color combination. The buttons are too small though, they're a bit hard to read.



Great theme! I was looking for something like this one to use on one of my forums. I absolutely adore it!