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Started by Grudge, March 07, 2004, 07:52:01 AM

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This MOD allows you to simply and easily add new message icons to your board. Once installed you can access the "manager" from the admin menu. From here you can easily add icons to your board. Note that to add a new icon you must FIRST ensure that you have uploaded it to your: /themes/default/images/post directory
I'm only a half geek really...


how can i change or use it with diferent language like spanish ?
it only works in english languague  :-[ :'(


FTP into your server, go to Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english.php

Copy all the entries in that file into Modifications.Spanish.php, and translate as you please :)
I'm only a half geek really...


Ok the error I'm having is under the Order column nothing is showing up.

I've tried this on two themes.


Hey guys im having a problem regarding the message icon mod. It work great, but if no icon is selected a red X comes up next to the post. Any ideas?


Probably a bug: When I have this mod installed, when editing a post, the message icon returns to xx instead of what it was previously.


i have the same problem. is there a way to fix that?
Thank you.

Bronwyn Mawr

Thanks Grudge!

Only hitch for me was that I was using a custom theme and had to move the up/down arrows there.

Dig it!


Hello, I noted the remark and I will see to make evoluer this MOD. Good evening.


does it  work with SMF 1.1 rc2?



SMF 1.1 already has this functionality built in, no?
I'm only a half geek really...


Quote from: Grudge on December 31, 2005, 01:28:04 PM
SMF 1.1 already has this functionality built in, no?
yes emoicones and icones.
it is desactivé by defaut, it thus should be activated.


SMF 1.1 also has this, under "Smileys and Icons"
I'm only a half geek really...


Hi... didn't see that this was compatible with 1.05 and was just wondering if it was... since I can't seem to find where to change the icons on that version.  thanks.


Is there a similar mod for 1.1.2 or what is another way of changing or adding new message Icons?


In 1.1.2 you can add them right from the Admin CP.

Admin > Smileys and Message Icons > Enable customized message icons

Save changes and a new tab will apppear 'Edit message icons'

One note is you will have to copy any of the default message icons you want to use to your custom set. 
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