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[THEME] Woody (SMF 1.1 RC2)

Started by borgBOB, February 10, 2006, 02:45:47 PM

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I have made a wood grain theme for SMF 1.1 RC2. It is based off the New Default Theme (NDT)
and does not use buttons as standard. Everything is free as long as it is within the use of the SMF software/idea. There is a Tinyportal version

Theme: Woody
SMF versions supported: 1.1 RC2
Author: borgBOB
Support will be in this thread only

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Former SMF Project Manager
Former SMF Customizer


Here is a test site I use, for now the default theme is set to Woody.
--------> Test Site Here  <-----


Looks cool, liked the way you modified the menu ;)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


Great theme and colors. :) Especially the black-text-on-orange-background looks very pleasing.