Author Topic: READ ME: Where am I and who are you people?  (Read 29703 times)

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READ ME: Where am I and who are you people?
« on: March 13, 2004, 06:16:29 PM »
Here at Simple Machines we always love to see our users become involved in the project.  Whether this is through development, support, packages, themes, smiley sets, bug reports, or feature requests doesn't matter - every little bit counts, and makes SMF better.

In this board, please post any questions you have about the code in SMF.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:
  - typos or mistakes in comment or documentation lines.
  - invalid or badly written html code or css definitions.
  - confusing, unclear, or buggy code in the distribution.
  - questions about how to do something in a theme, or how information is organized in the context.
  - questions about how to create a modification or package. (only if you're willing to write it!)
  - inquiries on the use of SSI output_methods or other "advanced" features. (although basic questions, like how to use SSI, are a matter of support.)

Please note that this is not the place for support or feature requests, but rather bug reports, code discussion, and the like.  Please also remember to search this board before posting new questions in it, and that you should not "hound" for topics when searching - if the topics you find don't solve the issue for you, please start a new topic referencing the old.

As is the nature of any even somewhat open source project, SMF gains a lot from "peer code review".  This is where other developers who are not necessarily official developers make comments on portions of code to make it better, faster, more understandable, and less buggy.

There are also coding guidelines available as well as basic information on themes, packages, and smiley sets.

An important part of code review is understandable and clean code; hence, that is one of the major priorities.

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