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Confusion about Boards "Local Permissions"

Started by walski, March 14, 2004, 07:37:01 PM

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I hope this is the right to mention this, if not feel free to move it to the right board :)

First: Very nice work! Your beta looks very awesome.

If you click this way:
Admin Menu / Mage Boards / the permissions link of any board / the modify link of any board

it says: "The board you specified doesn't exist".
I thought this is an bug an looked up in the code where i found this:
"Either the board was not found or the permissions are set to global."

And after some testing I found out that exactly this permissions are set to global in the DB.
I looked for some more moments but can't find a "turn to local permission" option anywhere. Is this missing yet or should I fix a date for some eyes-checkup?

And even if the option is allready there the error message is very confusing! I would propose to add the "or the permissions are set to global." from the code-comments.

That's all. Keep up your fine work and apologise my jolty english



This is a known "bug"... As for the local permissions, go into the admin center, click on "Edit Permissions" and click on "Local" next to the board name you want to set to local permissions.
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And sorry for my mindless post.



Actually, I plan to make it either set it to local or ask if you want it to do that.