Wrong year in SMF copyright?

Started by klumy, August 14, 2003, 02:25:08 PM

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At the bottom of this forum stand

Quote,,© 2001-2003, Lewis Media. All Rights Reserved."

Isn't it incorrect. SMF will be released in 2003. So I think it's just © 2003.
Or am I wrong?


Like we keep saying, this is a rewrite.  This means  it's based off *some* old YaBB SE 1.5.x code!

Go boot up your computer.  You'll notice that Windows XP (if you use it) is copyright 1985 - 2001.  Did they start making it in 1985?  OF COURSE NOT.  But, elements of it are from works copyrighted in 1985.

The dates of copyright are those in which the software was developed or created, as well as those of any parts or pieces of the software.



I see
thanks for the explanation, unknown.