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I want my text on forum description on the board-index smaller. How do I do that?

I had a 3D effect board on YaBB SE before I converted, and after converting to SMF the template was really ******ed up... Some places it was 3D but overall it was really ******ed. How can I fix that so its look almost like my old YaBB SE?

The most powerful way for you to do it is via the template files... that is mostly: index.template.php but also the other ones... unfortunately if the converter didnt do stuff right... there isnt much more you can do than go into these templates and fix them. (as far as I know)

what you should of done was made a screen shot of your old forum, and then with the new forum, go through styles.css and index.template.php and change things one by one to make it look like the old look.

also, copy over one of the default templates (SMF default or YaBBSE classic) to work with. just dont distrobute your modified work. :)

God knows how I'm going to make my test SMF look like

I want to be able to add links on the side like [nofollow]  how do I do that?

Coding is not my forte =/


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